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Best + Easiest Salsa Recipe, EVER!



I've been asked forever what's in my salsa.  First, let me say that this was never my original recipe.  It was handed down to me by a friend a long time ago.  Isn't that where the best ones come from? At first people would ask me for the recipe and I would put them off or delay responding with the answer only because this really isn't a made-from-scratch recipe.  It's more like a 'doctored up' concoction. I didn't mind giving the recipe, I just felt silly giving it as it was so simple. That said, it truly is the best concoction.  I've had people standing around the salsa bowl, digging into it with endless chips, and saying they must have the recipe. Whether at a party or just at a home bbq, this is a crowd pleaser! 
So here it is! Yup, as you can see it's simply 2 jars of Herdez Salsa jars.  One red in your choice of mild, medium or hot and one in a Verde.  You simply mix the jars together in a bowl and add there 3 ingredients:
(1) avocado
(1) bunch cilantro
(1) cucumber 
If you don't have the Herdez brand in you area just find a comparable type jarred salsa. I like the avocado cubed, the cilantro de-stemmed and chopped roughly and the cucumber peeled, seeded and chopped roughly as well. Go ahead and make it you own.  Add or remove what works for you.
THERE YOU HAVE IT! I know - so simple and easy. Try it at your next event. It's always nice to have a change up to the regular old recipes we have. 
Xo, Clare



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